Doors Open When You Knock

What kind of year is this going to be?

How is this year going to go?

How is this year going to go?

Mostly we look to how last year went – the past.  Instead, why not spin around and look ahead (with a smile on our face)?  

Looking out to December 15, 2021, who will you have been this year?  

Notice I didn’t ask ‘what you would have accomplished’.  Although accomplishments and results are nice, they are mostly out of your control.  Who you *be* throughout the year is totally and completely *in* your control.

What do I mean by who do you be?  I mean:Will you be consistent?Will you be courageous?Will you be curious?Will you be present?Will you be joyful?Will you be someone who gets back on track quickly when they are knocked off?Will you be unattached to the results/outcome?Will you be expanding who you are in the universe?
Finally, are you going to be the kind of person who shows up this year?  

If you feel a little uncomfortable answering these questions — congratulations, you’re human.  It means you know it will really take something.  It probably also indicates that you find this a little confronting, a little uncomfortable.  And we know that in order for us to grow we need to expand our comfort zone.

While you may not want to hear that; or while you may want to ignore or not confront that reality, it is the truth.

Seneca had an exercise he borrowed from another philosopher, asking himself questions like What bad habit did I curb today? How am I better? Were my actions just? How can I improve?.  Today you can follow in his footsteps by writing in your journal (if you don’t have one, start with a piece of paper and a pen).   You can take a few minutes each morning and/or each night reflecting on the day and who you are/who you’ve been.  

Now, if you are really up to something this year, how do you guarantee your success?  Measure what you do.  This will definitely make you uncomfortable.  As Peter Drucker said, what gets measured gets improved.  Along those lines, I formulated a 12-month program, “Making 50 Weeks Count,” so that you can have a year that makes a difference.  

If you are interested in having this year make a difference for you, schedule a call to find out more.

Again: hope, dreams, and wishes – all good things, but they don’t have any real impact on what you actually experience in your life.  The only thing that makes a difference is what you do – your actions.  “People who get things done in this world don’t wait for the spirit to move them;
they move the spirit.”
—David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big
We are heading into the last week of January.  What do you say?    

All the best,

p.s. If you are really committed to making this year count, I recommend scheduling an exploratory call to find out what that might look like for you.

p.p.s. More information coming later this week on my new book, Doors Open When You Knock.