Doors Open When You Knock

Stacking the odds in your favor (11/1/19)

Applying Right Action & Emotional Intelligence to High Stakes Real Estate

11/1/19 – 9am-11am

Stacking the odds in your favor is not about guaranteeing success, but about putting yourself in the best position to succeed.  It starts with the principle that you must take action, usually uncomfortable action, to get what you want out of life.  If knocking on the metaphorical door is the access to your hopes and dreams, then how do you develop the habits and fortitude – not just one time, but over and over again?  As a realtor, Steven Ross has knocked on over 125,000 doors – he creatively demonstrates how to take uncomfortable action over time, turning complete strangers into raving fans.

You may find yourself thinking, “I don’t want to knock on doors.”  No problem –  you don’t have to knock on doors.  And… if you are going to sell real estate, you know you have to talk to people.  The methods on where/when you talk to people is up to you.  Taking right action = talking to people on a regular basis.

So if you know you need to talk to people on a regular basis, what has been standing in the way of you consistently doing it?  That’s what will get uncovered in the workshop, and as a result you will get a new access to to the following:

  • How to make things very, very, very simple
  • Dissolving distractions before they get you off track
  • Creating an environment that supports you taking the action you say you will do

Okay then, you’re setup to take the right action, what’s next? High-powered people skills – i.e emotional intelligence.  

Consider that the high-powered people skills is what makes the difference to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  This is how you can turn strangers into clients, or simply be more effective in the interactions you are already having with people on a daily basis.  Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How you can create instant rapport and trust
  • What you can do to immediately diffuse situations where people are upset (like when delivering bad news)
  • Why you must leave people with a great lasting impression (i.e. last impressions either kill your referrals or fuel them)

If you want to increase your odds of success in real estate, it really is this simple:  get in front of more people to talk to and apply emotional intelligence.  

This is about treating people with deference and respect so that you are never chasing business, you are never convincing or pushing your clients to do anything.  Rather, imagine that your interactions with people are more effortless, full of more ease and grace, and leaves a natural affinity and trust.  A real ninja.

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