Doors Open When You Knock

Real estate is hard.  (in case you hadn’t noticed)

[If you have time on Friday morning I could really use a little help – read on for more]

Is it crazy to think that what we do as real estate agents is hard? In fact, is it very hard?  Is it also unreasonable to think that real success, for most of us, comes over time?  

In real estate (and other endeavors as well), there are probably many reasons why so few people achieve great success over long periods of time.  However, I suspect there are two primary reasons at the source of people’s lack of success: 1) People don’t take enough of the difficult, yet right action; 2) Many people quit too soon. 

One additional thing about real estate is hard: it’s all or nothing because we are 100% commission.  Being on straight commission can be quite the strain.  Even seasoned, successful agents have “slumps” – and they fall prey to the same realities.  Life can get very constricted, stressful and fearful when the commission checks aren’t rolling in.

What’s the way out?  The way out is through.  As Ryan Holiday says in his book “The Obstacle Is The Way.”

What stands in our way is us.  What stands in the way is us continuing to take the right action over and over again, even sometimes when we aren’t sure it is working.  And definitely we should be taking that action regardless of how we feel about it.  As real estate agents the most important action we take is talking to people.  Yet the one action that most agents avoid: talking to people.

There is never – and I mean never – a day where I wake up thrilled to go door knocking.  Every day, and yes I mean every day, I am secretly hoping that something comes up to take me away from that exercise.  Yet, 150 days per year, for 14 plus years the one thing I do for 2 or more hours is knock on doors.  Regardless of how I feel.

The point is not that you should knock on doors.  The point is that whatever you need to do every day to move you closer to your goals is likely something you never feel like doing, nor is it something you want to do.  Maybe a few of you feel different – that’s great.  For most of us, we do not feel like it, nor do we want to.

Despite how we feel in the moment, we will do something. The question is will we take the action that moves us forward, or will we take the action that moves us backwards?  NOT taking action is also an action.  Choosing not to do something you know you need to do is a choice and an action through inaction.

We are now well into the second half of the year. In fact, one could make the case that there is probably only 8-12 weeks of real work time left in 2019.  

If you could use a little extra motivation and inspiration, plus a few tactical tips, then would you mind checking your calendar for this Friday 8/16/19?  There is only room for a handful of people because the session is being filmed for promotional purposes (if you want to come but don’t want to be on camera – that is fine and can be accommodated).

If you are not able to come on Friday (yes, it is short notice) then thank you for taking a moment to read this email.  If you are stuck on something or could use a little extra help or feedback making the next 2-3 months really count, then would you mind letting me know?

All the best,  

p.s. If you do have time on Friday morning, and you have some interest, would you mind coming?  I really do need a handful of people in the room to make this effective and it would make a huge difference.  THANK YOU for considering!