Doors Open When You Knock

How do I get my client to __________ ?

Friday 11/2/18  –  9am-Noon

PRICE REDUCED to $10! Yes, ten dollars.  

Now everyone can come, but most people will not.

  • How many times do you let your clients beat you up on commission?
  • How often are you ‘chipping in’ to make deals ‘go together’ or ‘get resolved’ at inspection or at the closing?
  • Have you ever added up all the money you lose each year with just these two things?  (Hint: it’s a lot)

Apparently you are thinking these situations don’t apply to you? Maybe you are thinking that you have nothing to learn here?  Or maybe you think I am not the person that can teach you anything.  

Would it surprise you to know that I have been studying and working with this material for the last year and a half…and…in the almost 14 years in real estate I have not come across information that is more powerful or effective? Nothing.

This is thousands of dollars worth of training for essentially free.  Yet, probably less than 20 people will actually sign up and show up.  Crazy.

Which camp are you in?

What is it going to take for you to really make a commitment to improve your skill level, effectiveness, and profitability?

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