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Frenzied day = Frenzied year

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You may have seen my email from last week (if you missed it, I put a copy of it at the end of this email).  It was a little “in your face.”

As human beings we are not wired to sitting down and “planning.”  Nor are we wired to “follow a plan.”  However, consider that many agents have the following “goals” for next year:Generate more salesMake more moneyHave more time offNone of those outcomes – and that is what they are – will happen by themselves.  They all are a result of some other action(s) that was taken repeatedly throughout the year.  You can’t wake up today and schedule the activity, “generate more sales.”  You can schedule an activity that leads to more sales, like, “Call 10 people in my database and check in with them.”  

You also cannot “have more time off.”  I mean, you can.  But how much time?  When do you want/need that time off?  Do you need two weeks off all at once – or do you want to have two full days off a week?  Do you want to work really hard in the spring, and take time off in the summer?  Either way, you have do decide what that means, then schedule the activity (or lack of activity in this case 🙂

I am imploring you to take time between now and the end of the year to reflect and plan.  This doesn’t have to be a lot of time/effort – but it does require some time and effort.  

Starting off the year is a lot like starting off the day.  Do you wake up a little late, a little panicked, and feeling like you are behind?  Do you check your messages and then respond to what is in front of you?  Do you often feel like you are at the whim of the people in your life?Or…Do you wake up at the same time every day?Do you have a plan for the day that you follow?Regardless of how much business or activity is in front of you, are you able to feel peace and ease throughout the day because you have a plan and system for having things handled?
The same thing can be said to your year.  Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying:“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I
will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

There is too much coming at you.  This is not about doing more, it is about doing less.  Most people do not want to take the time and effort ahead of time to do the difficult work of thinking, reflecting, and planning.  However, what’s available from doing this activity: ease, calm, grace.  

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 Most agents are planning to fail in 2020!

— [email from last week]

Heads up: this email is going to sound very harsh.  The following may not apply to you exactly, and it may apply to you exactly.  You are likely to get upset or “feel bad/anxious” reading this email.  

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” – John Wooden

That means most agents, and possibly you, are planning to fail next year!!! 

Do you get that?  Coach Wooden is saying that you are planning to fail next year.  Now, that is not what the quote says, but if you take the wisdom and truth of it, and apply it to your situation, he is saying that if you do not plan your year, then by default you are planning to fail next year. 

I said this was going to be harsh…(if you are ready to do your business plan, click here)

Now, this is real estate – not basketball. It starts with having a goal.  What is your goal next year?  Most importantly, are you going to stay connected to it?  How are you going to stay connected to it?  What activities will get you to that goal?

Most agents (and possibly you) don’t have any specific, concrete, goal(s).  Yet sometimes agents just “wishfully” throw out a number.  Then what happens?  The year starts, they get busy (or not), but either way they forget what the goal is, why it was important to them, and how they were going to accomplish that result.  Before you know it, it’s April and they have completely forgotten their goal and plan (does this sound even remotely familiar? I know I have been guilty of this from time to time). 

Here is one of the things that gets in the way of staying connected to our goal.  Most of us create a lagging, results-based goal, like “25 sales”, or “I want to make $250,000.” Sales and dollars – both are lagging indicators. It is a result based on what happened. It does not give you action in the moment.  They are historical – once you know the result, there is nothing you can do to change it. If your goal was 25 sales, what you are going to do today, and tomorrow, and the day after that to create those sales? What are your leading indicators?  

Leading indicators are things like number of contacts you make per day/week, or number of open houses you do per month, or some other activity that drives your business.  

Are you crystal clear about those activities, and, are you tracking them?  

Here is the real kicker, the thing that most agents (and possibly you) avoid the most: accountability.  Most agents (and possibly you) have no real accountability to fulfilling on your goal.  The only accountability you have is paying your bills.  And that becomes your default goal.  “Oh wait, the year is not going as planned / I am off track / I don’t remember what my goal or plan was, but I need to make my mortgage payment next month / And my car payment / I need to do a deal now!”  Sound familiar, in any shape or form?

Being accountable is the last thing you want as a real estate agent. Remember, you likely said you got into this business because you wanted “freedom and flexibility.”  Congratulations, you got that!  You also likely experience the ups and downs of this business.  For many people, they can’t stay consistent throughout the year.  They get busy and do a few deals, then they have no business and wonder what happened.  They panic, take a bunch of action, get a few more deals, and then they have nothing again.  The cycle keeps repeating.

That sort of works when the market is really, really good.  But that next year is not going to be like the last few years. 

And you also are likely to have a very hard year ahead of you.

This should not be “new” news, and for most of you it is not.  It is a “slap in the face” – and it is intended that way.  WAKE UP!  The market is not going to be easier next year.  You will not be able to “hope” your way through it.  There will be agents who get out of the business next year. It has already happened this year! 

If you already have done your planning for next year, great – stick with that plan.

If you have not, now is the time to do the work! Register right now and put it in your calendar as an appointment you cannot miss!

You will get a very simple, very actionable plan for next year.  Taking the time to plan gives you:Real freedom and flexibility – You will be very clear and assured about what you are doing, and what you are not doing.Better odds of success – Put yourself in the best chance to succeed. Ultimately, what is the feeling you get from giving your best effort to achieving your goal?Peace and freedom – Taking regular, right action relieves the stress of uncertaintyYour plan will be flexible enough to accommodate what comes at you throughout the year.  It will be a simple, simple plan for the whole year, but it will get planned out in quarters, so you can re-adjust as the year progresses.

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