Doors Open When You Knock

Do you ever ‘chicken out?’

Do you ever ‘chicken out?’

I received a message from a real estate agent who confessed that she drove to go knock on doors, but couldn’t get out of the car.  She said she, “chickened out.”  She wanted to know how ‘not’ do that.

Have you ever done that?

When I ask if you have ever done that, it doesn’t have to literally be the same example of driving to a neighborhood to knock on doors (but it could be).  It could be a phone call you know you need to make, but you ‘chicken out’ and don’t make it.  A client that needs a difficult situation handled.  Or follow up on a lead you received.  

In any case, I suspect that all of us have chickened out at one point or another.  The question is, are you still chickening out on a regular basis, or worse, have you completely abandoned the thing that scared you so much?

I am a scaredy-cat.   I confess.  There it is in black and white.  I don’t like putting myself out there, I don’t like being on the phone, I don’t like not having the right thing to say, I don’t raise my hand in class, I don’t like any situation where I could end up looking silly or being made fun of.  I don’t like getting out of my car to knock on doors.  I don’t like anything ‘scary’: movies, roller coasters, etc.  It has driven my entire life.

Having said that, I am WAY more able to deal with difficult circumstances then ever.  To be in situations where I want to turn and run away and deal with them anyway.  Here I am, 14 years into my real estate career, and 100,000 doors later, doing something that most people say ‘they could never do.’  If I am the biggest scaredy cat there is, then how is that possible that I have done what I have done?  Practice.  Every day that I have to get in my car, drive to a neighborhood, park my car – AND THEN GET OUT!  I have to practice courage.  The only way out is through.  The only way we get courage is to practice it.  

Many real estate agents NEVER have knocked on a door.  And if they have, its something they have done just a few times.  To go out and do this can feel scary.  It can be terrifying.  However, if you can knock on doors than you can do ANYTHING!

If you are: 
Still trying to knock on doors on any sort of a consistent basis
Or taking on things in your business that scare you

Congratulations!!!  Keep going!

If you want help, specifically on the door knocking piece, then you have an opportunity to take all that I have learned to make practicing courage a regular habit.  This is your chance to put in place your own habits and practices and make them stick.

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