Doors Open When You Knock

Are you leaving your next 90 days to chance?

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The market is not as strong as year’s past.

If you are an agent who has been in business less than 5 years, you have never been in a “normal” market.

Although plenty of business is being done, it is not being distributed evenly.  As the days and weeks fly by, you might be a little concerned.

  • Is it possible that you are already behind for your goals this year?
  • Have you already begun to think that your goal for the year is not possible?
  • Are you beginning to just ‘scramble’ – meaning, chase after any hint of a deal that comes your way, and grasp onto a potential client until you “wrestle them into a closing?”

Or maybe you are having your best year ever!  

Either way, most of us can relate to what it’s like when the market slows, and/or our production is lagging behind our goals for the year.

We also know that the year is long.  One good quarter can help make/save a year, but to have a truly great year we need to produce all year long.  To produce all year long is to be present to our plan, executing every day – and not just when we “feel” like it.  

The quarterly review is a forced “check in” with yourself.  It is an opportunity take a moment and evaluate what’s been happening, what actions you have/have not been taking, and adjust for the next quarter.  Every quarter has a different theme to it.  Look back to how you were feeling in December/early January: holidays, new years, you had just created your “big” goals for the year, there were shorter days, and people waking up from the fog of the holidays…

Now where are we?  Flying through the year!  The first 90 days is almost over.  Spring is around the corner.  Daylight Savings time.  Longer days.  If you have kids or are around kids, parents are planning for graduations and summer!  All of those things will happen in Q2.  The market will also peak in this next 90 days (in terms of transactions).  We will finish the spring, and head into the summer slow down.

What?!  Already? Yes!

Take a moment to let that sink in: the year really moves in cycles and waves, and they happen fast.  Have you noticed?  Do you pay any attention?  Do you adjust your activity accordingly? Or are you just being swept along by the current?  

Its okay if you are being swept along – most of us are to some extent or another.  We get busy. We get caught up in life.  

Having said that, would it be unreasonable to think that you could benefit by taking a few moments to reflect, review, and prepare diligently for the next 90 days?

The Quarterly Review is where we do that.  It is a couple of hours carved out to make sure you can have the best quarter you can have for yourself.  

Here’s what you might be thinking:

  • I don’t have time to this
  • I will do it on my own
  • It’s really not that important
  • I already have a coach/manager/accountability partner
  • I don’t want to spend money on this exercise (don’t worry, its free)

Why would you listen to me?  What do I really know about peak performance?

How could I possibly know what works and doesn’t?

If you have read this far, you know you now have a decision to make.  You likely know that what’s good for you is to take the time to do this exercise.  You really know deep down that taking a few hours to stop, reflect, evaluate, and diligently plan out the next 90 days (in a group setting) will make it more realistic, more accountable, and more likely that you will achieve your goals.

You really do know this.  For most of you who have read to the end: isn’t it likely that something will keep you from coming and making this happen?  Aren’t you already justifying to yourself why this is not important?

It’s up to you.

We’ll be here Friday 3/29/19 8:30am-11:30am.

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