Doors Open When You Knock

4-4-40-7….and Final Reminder for Friday

Friday 12/13 10am-12:30pm – DTC Land Title

Many of you have registered; and some of you have replied saying you can’t make it.  Thank you and thank you.

And, I am going to leave you with one more thought on Business Planning

Why are you going to do what you say you are going to do?

I mean, what’s the point, really?

There is a saying that goes something like, “In the end, we all die. They put us in the ground and throw some dirt on our face.  Then someone usually says, ‘let’s go get something to eat!’”  And that is the end of our life.  

So when you are so worked up about that deal, or that client, or that other agent who is driving you crazy, what’s the point?  And what does it mean?  Rather, what are you making it mean?  

Every day that passes means you are one more day closer to the day they throw dirt on your face.  As you look out for the next year, I sincerely invite and implore you to take some time to think about what you are doing.  Are you just on a hamster wheel, going and going?  Where are you trying to get to?

There is no right answer to these questions.  For me, I am very clear life is short.  I am not going to spend any time with people who don’t add to my life.  I refuse to work with any clients who are jerks, nasty, difficult, or unpleasant.  My most precious resource is my time.  I am not perfect – I squander time often.  But I am conscious of when I am doing it – not someone else.  

Finding time for me, to be still, to reflect, to appreciate, to love – all add to my life.  I look for more opportunity to do those things. I also make spending time with my kids and other loved ones a priority.  Every day I don’t I don’t do these things is a lost opportunity and one I won’t get back.

Finally I will leave you with the following.  One of my friends is a top agent in San Francisco.  Her mantra is 4-4-40-7:4 hours a day4 days a week40 weeks a year7 figure income
This is the business she built.  She actually does it.  Now, do some weeks she works a little more?  Sure.  But the year averages out 4-4-40.  That is her intention. It is on purpose.  Working hard is not a badge of honor for her.  She just got back from 11 days over Thanksgiving in Hawaii with her family.  She did not check one email, one text, nor one phone call.

Part of taking time for ourselves is looking at what’s possible.  We all have seen people accomplish things that seem impossible at first.  

So as you wind down the year and plan for next year, what is possible for you? 

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