Doors Open When You Knock

Having a Real Estate Business With Boundless Opportunity & Freedom

About The Book

This is not one more book with tips and tricks to double your business overnight

Instead, it deals with the uncertainty and seeming randomness of real estate.  The cyclical nature of real estate often leaves people with the following problems (and more):

Real estate can take people by the horns and toss them around Doors Open When You Knock is about wrestling control back so that you can leave chaos and uncertainty behind, creating a business and a life that brings joy and fulfillment.

This book explores what is possible for you—if you are willing to look.  It is about being clear.  Taking intentional action over time.  Developing patience and gratitude.  Being responsible.  Because if you want boundless opportunity and freedom, it doesn’t happen by accident, it happens on purpose: Doors Open When You Knock.

(and eliminating the things they don’t want)

Author | Speaker | Coach

Steven Ross

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As a real estate veteran, you have seen your share of speakers, trainers and coaches.  Most everyone promises to transform agents’ results overnight.  Of course, that’s a myth.  Someone speaking from a stage or camera can’t actually do anything for the people watching.  The people watching have to do the work, and almost certainly nothing happens overnight. 

The seasoned professionals of our industry know gimmicks come and go.  What works is showing up day after day, always working to become better. 

What you want for the members of your group:

  • Stop chasing magic bullets
  • Execute on the most important actions
  • Increase their resolve and stick-to-it’nes
  • See their personal development as a competitive advantage
  • Take personal responsibility for their actions and results

You can expect them to leave with a new access to doing the things that make them more productive, more profitable, and more fulfilled in what they are doing.

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    Training & Coaching Programs for Individuals & Groups

    Have the next year make a real difference in your life and business.  However, instead of hoping it all turns out, plant your feet and march forward.  How do you have a great year?  Each week at a time.  This is only for the people who can commit to an entire year of showing up. This is the way to keep your head in the game, stay on track, and improve your skills.

    How can you quickly drop the caveat, “I’m new”?  Seasoned agents know what actions are important, they know how to ignore or delegate the distractions.  They focus on what’s most important.  They know how to talk to prospects, clients, and other agents so that they can be effective in their business, and deliver results to their clients.  Again, true success does not come in a few weeks.  This takes time.  However, if you focus on the right skills and actions, this can happen sooner than you might otherwise imagine.  

    What does it take to become, and be someone who is a trusted advisor to their clients?  This program outlines the basic communication skills and mindset required to be a trusted advisor. You will likely discover that much of the sales skills we are taught do the exact opposite of what we want – instead of bringing people in, it turns them away.  It’s not that what we were doing was all wrong – heck, we have been successful doing it.  However to be an elite resource for our clients, we must master some basic skills.

    What if you received your full fee from every client you worked with?  Every client. Every time you reduce your fee you are working for less.  You are forgoing time you could have spent with a client who values your time and skill, and was willing to pay you’re your full fee.  This is not about witty scripts and dialogues – you have already tried those, and yet you are still not charging the fee you want.  This program re-wires your mindset and skillset around who you are for your clients.

    For the very rare and brace souls who want to make door knocking part of their real estate practice.  Combination of classroom video with monthly phone calls.  Fifteen-plus years of knocking on doors, honed and refined into one program to reduce the time it takes for you to master your effectiveness at the doors.

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